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  125) lacoljez aus lacoljez schrieb am 25.August 2017 um 09:48 Uhr:
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E-cigarettes are officially known as electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). They are more commonly called e-cigarettes, e-cigs, e-hookah, or vapes. You may have seen ads or stories on the internet that say e-cigarettes are a safe way to help smokers quit smoking. There isn’t enough scientific evidence to say if this is true or not. Here’s what doctors and researchers do know right now.
E-cigs work by heating a liquid that has nicotine and other chemicals in it. Heating the liquid turns it into a vapor. That’s what the user inhales and exhales. Some research shows that this vapor includes chemicals that are known to be harmful. Scientists are studying the health effects of using e-cigarettes. New information is coming in, but they don't have the answers yet.

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  124) electjvm aus electjvm schrieb am 24.August 2017 um 08:49 Uhr:
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How do they compare?

E-cigarettes use heat from a battery to produce a vapor from a flavored liquid that contains nicotine. Users simulate the effect of smoking by inhaling the vapor, a practice known as “vaping.” Long-term health effects are unknown.

Cigarettes, on the other hand, are currently the No. 1 preventable cause of death in the United States.

“Traditional cigarettes are made of tobacco, which, when combusted, will produce more than 6,000 chemicals, many of which are known to cause cancer,” says pulmonologist Umur Hatipoglu, MD. Traditional cigarettes contain substances such as formaldehyde, arsenic, tar and ammonia, which are established hazards to lung health.

There are fewer chemicals in e-cigarettes (though still as many as 250 or more). They’re not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), though, so you have no way of knowing what, exactly, is in them.

Electronic Cigarettes Health


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